• 09.1994 r.
    establishing TEREDO s.c. in Puławy – distribution of gutter systems made of PVC in Southern and Eastern Poland
  • 02.1995 r.
    establishing CBS Pomerania Sp z o.o. with its seat in Gdynia – distribution of gutter systems made of PVC in Northern Poland
  • 11.1996 r.
    establishing TEREDO Puławy s.c. including acquisition of TEREDO s.c. company
  • 12.1996 r.
    establishing GALECO s.c. with its seat in Kraków
  • 01.1998 r.
    acquisition of TEREDO Puławy s.c. by GALECO s.c. and opening Retail Outlet in Puławy
  • 09.1998 r.
    opening Retail Outlet in Wrocław
  • 09.1999 r.
    acquisition of CBS Pomerania Sp. z o.o. including opening Retail Outlet in Gdynia
  • 12.1999 r.
    transformation of GALECO s.c. (CLP) into GALECO Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.)
  • 12.2000 r.
    patenting an innovative GALECO gutter profile that prevented against overflowing during heavy rainfalls
  • 01.2001 r.
    opening Retail Outlet in Płock
  • 05.2002 r.
    opening Retail Outlet in Katowice
  • 01.2003 r.
    PVC gutter system start-up in Poland
  • 05.2003 r.
    opening sales office in Hungary
  • 02.2004 r.
    Galeco NICON (metal+pvc) innovative system start-up
  • 07.2004 r.
    acquisition of the controlling interest in Hungarian PEWA-X Kft company including its name alteration into GALECO Hungaria Kft.
  • 12.2004 r.
    patenting gasketless system for gutter and rainwater pipe joint in PVC systems
  • 12.2004 r.
    patenting the first sealing outlet elbow for gutter systems made of coated steel
  • 01.2005 r.
    opening Retail Outlet in Poznań
  • 02.2005 r.
    opening Retail Outlet in Warszawa
  • 03.2005 r.
    Galeco STAL gutter system start-up
  • 06.2005 r.
    establishing Galeco Transylvania Sro. With its seat in Brasov (Romania)
  • 02.2006 r.
    transferring Retail Outlet from Kraków to Tarnów
  • 03.2006 r.
    opening sales office in Czech Republic
  • 08.2006 r.
    opening sales office in Ukraine
  • 09.2006 r.
    symbolic "breaking ground" for the construction of a new facility in Balice, near Kraków
  • 04.2007 r.
    oddanie do użytku nowego budynku logistyczno-produkcyjnego Galeco
  • 07.2007 r.
    commissioning Galeco new logistics and production facility
  • 11.2007 r.
    following the request from the Board of Galeco Sp. z o.o., the County Office of Zabierzów named adjacent street as ulica Uśmiechu (Smile street)
  • 01.2008 r.
    official opening of a new company’s seat at ul. Uśmiechu 1 in Balice, near Kraków
  • 05.2008 r.
    start-up of modern coextrusion production line for gutters
  • 03.2008 r.
    start-up of modern transfer technology production line for elbows and outlets
  • 06.2009 r.
    start-up of modern line for serial coextruded pipe production
  • 07.2009 r.
    start-up of modern line for blind and connector production in progressive technology
  • 05.2010 r.
    implementation of innovative adjusted corner outlet elbow in Galeco STAL system
  • 06.2010 r.
    establishing Galeco Ukraine with its seat in Lviv
  • 07.2010 r.
    symbolic "breaking ground" for the construction of RO new facility w Katowice
  • 06.2011 r.
    start-up of a new innovative Galeco LUXOCYNK gutter system
  • 06.2011 r.
    extension of PVC production facility with dosing silos in Balice
  • 01.2012 r.
    ceremonial opening of a new Sales Office in Puławy on January 20 2012.
  • 05.2013 r.
    Galeco TYTAN-CYNK gutter system implementation.
  • 06.2013 r.
    implementation of an innovative HIDDEN GUTTER System